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Demystifying the PG/VG Ratio: Finding Your Perfect E-Liquid Blend

E-liquids, the vital component of vaping, come in a variety of flavors and strengths. However, another crucial factor contributing to the vaping experience is the PG/VG ratio. This article aims to demystify the world of PG and VG, their significance, and guide you in finding the perfect blend for your e-liquid.

Before diving into the specifics of PG and VG ratios, let’s establish what e-liquids are. E-liquids, also known as vape juices, are the solutions used in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers to produce vapor. These liquids are composed of a few key ingredients, namely propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorings, and often nicotine.

Understanding PG and VG

PG and VG are both odorless liquids commonly used as the base for e-liquids. While they serve similar purposes, they differ in certain characteristics.

PG, or propylene glycol, is a synthetic compound that is thinner in consistency compared to VG. It is known for its strong throat hit and relatively low vapor production. Furthermore, PG has a neutral taste, allowing the flavorings to shine through.

VG, or vegetable glycerin, is derived from plants and possesses a thicker viscosity. It produces dense clouds of vapor and offers a smoother sensation on the throat. VG also has a slightly sweet taste, which can impact the overall flavor profile of the e-liquid.

Importance of PG/VG Ratio

The PG/VG ratio plays a vital role in determining various aspects of the vaping experience, customization, and flavor delivery.

One significant impact of the PG/VG ratio is on throat hit and vapor production. E-liquids with a higher PG ratio tend to deliver a stronger throat hit, mimicking the sensation of traditional tobacco cigarettes. On the other hand, e-liquids with a higher VG ratio produce denser and more voluminous clouds of vapor, creating a visually impressive vaping experience.

Another aspect affected by the PG/VG ratio is the intensity of flavor and sweetness. Due to its less dense nature, PG carries flavorings more effectively, resulting in a more pronounced taste. VG, with its inherent sweetness, can slightly diminish the intensity of flavorings, but it adds a pleasant touch to the overall profile.

Different PG/VG Ratios and Their Effects

Now, let’s explore the effects of different PG/VG ratios commonly found in e-liquids.

High PG ratio (e.g., 70/30)

E-liquids with a higher PG content offer a robust throat hit, ideal for those seeking a closer experience to traditional smoking. They produce less vapor, making them suitable for discreet vaping. The flavor intensity is usually higher, allowing the intricate notes of the chosen flavor to shine.

High VG ratio (e.g., 30/70)

E-liquids with a higher VG content excel in vapor production, creating large and billowy clouds. They have a milder throat hit, making them suitable for vapers desiring a smoother experience. The sweetness of VG can mellow out the flavor notes slightly.

Balanced ratio (e.g., 50/50)

E-liquids with a balanced PG/VG ratio provide a middle ground, offering a balanced throat hit, vapor production, and flavor intensity. These ratios tend to be versatile and compatible with various vaping devices.

Choosing the Right PG/VG Ratio

Finding the perfect PG/VG ratio is highly subjective and depends on personal preferences, vaping devices, and nicotine strengths.

When selecting a ratio, it’s crucial to consider your personal preferences. Do you prioritize a strong throat hit or massive clouds of vapor? Are you more concerned with intense flavor delivery or a smoother, sweeter vape? Understanding your desires will help narrow down the ratio that suits you best.

Additionally, the type of vaping device you use can influence the ideal PG/VG ratio. For instance, pod systems or vape pens with smaller coils and lower wattage may perform better with higher PG ratios. Sub-ohm tanks and high-powered mods, on the other hand, thrive with higher VG ratios for enhanced vapor production.

Lastly, taking into account the nicotine strength in your e-liquid is essential. Higher PG ratios help deliver nicotine more effectively, making them suitable for vapers who require higher levels of nicotine.


Can I mix e-liquids with different PG/VG ratios?

Mixing e-liquids with different ratios is possible and allows you to tailor the vaping experience to your liking. Experimenting with blending various ratios can unlock unique combinations and flavors.

What if I'm allergic to PG?

If you have a known allergy or sensitivity to PG, opting for e-liquids with high VG ratios or even 100% VG blends may be a better choice. These alternatives can provide an enjoyable vaping experience without triggering any adverse reactions.

Can I adjust the PG/VG ratio in my e-liquid?

While commercially available e-liquids come with predetermined ratios, there are DIY options for those who wish to adjust the PG/VG content. Home mixing allows you to customize your e-liquids to achieve the desired balance.

Will a higher VG ratio produce bigger clouds?

Yes, a higher VG ratio significantly contributes to generating larger clouds of vapor. If cloud-chasing is your goal, embracing an e-liquid with a higher VG content is the way to go.

How does the PG/VG ratio affect coil life?

The PG/VG ratio can impact the lifespan of your coils. E-liquids with higher VG ratios are thicker and may lead to quicker coil buildup. Conversely, higher PG ratios tend to be less viscous and may result in extended coil life.


In conclusion, finding the perfect PG/VG ratio for your e-liquid is an integral part of optimizing your vaping experience. Understanding the characteristics of PG and VG, as well as the effects of different ratios, empowers vapers to tailor their vaping sessions to their liking. Whether you prioritize throat hit, vapor production, or flavor intensity, experimenting with various ratios can lead to finding your own perfect blend.

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