Smoke Tokes CBD & Vape #4 - San Antonio Dispensary

Directions to Smoke Tokes CBD and Vape Shop #4 with public transportation:

Bus Line: 501

The route from University Park & Ride. Get off at the stop “Fredericksburg RD. & Gus Eckert”, then walk for a minute (233ft). You will recognize that the smoke shop is situated between the Great Food Mart convenience store and the Dosa City Indian restaurant.

Bus Line: 534

Get off at the “Wurzbach & Gardendale” stop. Then you will need to walk towards the smoke shop for around 20 minutes.

If you are coming from any other direction, then enter your current location here, and it will show you all the possible routes and which busses to take. If it seems too far away, ensure to check our other locations since they might be closer.

Check our other vape shops in San Antonio, in case they are closer to your current location.

Side note: A Lyft ride of 8 minutes costs around $10-12.

Open hours:

Payment methods:

Health and safety measures taken in this San Antonio Smoke Shop:


Great Customer service!! Like OMFG they know how to make you feel at home and chill about the experience! The overall process was smooth and being a humble newb to the vape life; I would recommend everyone to go here for you needs NO CAP! They are the truth product wise and with the way they do business! This is my spot for now on👊 they have great people working there! A1
Lazy Boy
Lazy Boy
14:52 19 May 22
i love this place honestly. not even a mile from my house and the staff is soooo friendly. i have CRIPPLING social anxiety and generalized anxiety, but i feel safe there.
Kristen H
Kristen H
18:25 13 May 22
Always friendly and even funny employees. Great attitude. Great service. Spirits always lifted when I walk in this store. ^_^
Jerel Linder
Jerel Linder
23:40 10 May 22
Love this place
Faith Truelove
Faith Truelove
00:46 10 May 22
10/10 the homie Aiden always comes through with what I need
Ascencion Mendoza
Ascencion Mendoza
20:04 29 Apr 22
Friendly employees, great help.
Crystal Rose (Raven)
Crystal Rose (Raven)
01:46 26 Apr 22

About Us

Smoke Tokes CBD and Vape is a one-stop shop in San Antonio, Texas, tailored to all your smoking needs. 

We offer various tobacco products, smoking accessories, hookahs, pipes, novelty items, and much more.

Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of service in the tobacco industry by offering quality products and premium service for a good price.

Currently, we run 9 smoke shops in San Antonio, Texas, one of them being on Fredericksburg Rd. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Otherwise, come and visit the best vape shop in San Antonio – Smoke Tokes CBD and Vape #4 on the 9907 Fredericksburg Road!

About Smoke Tokes CBD & Vape Shop #4

Smoke Tokes CBD & Vape Shop #4 is situated on Fredericksburg Road, right next to the Dosa City Indian restaurant. If you are coming from the direction of Gus Eckert Road, the shop is behind the restaurant, facing Fredericksburg Road.

The shop has been working successfully since opening, thanks to our professional and welcoming staff, who’s ready to help you make the right decision while meeting your budget and needs.

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